The hotel provides all modern facilities for meetings, conferences and courses. All facilities and knowhow is here to make you meeting a success. Because of the flexible and atmospheric facility of the meetingrooms they are also extremely suited for dinners and meetings of groups.

Diningroom                                                       Gardenroom 
(9 x 6 meter)                                                      (6 x 5 meter)
Set ups:                                                               Set ups: 
Dinner:   32 pers.                                                 Dinner 18 pers. ( two tables )
                                                                             Carré 12 pers.

Room rental € 80,- per daypart
daypart in the morning is  08:00AM till 12:30PM or afternoon 13:00 PM till 17:30 PM.


Package 1: (Price per person: 1 daypart € 8.00 / 2 dayparts € 14.00)
•Unlimited coffee, tea and carafes water
•Pastries and cookies

Package 2 : (price per person: 1 daypart € 22.50 / 2 dayparts € 27.50)
•Unlimited coffee, tea and carafes water
•Pastries and cookies
•Lunch: Soup of the day - richly filled French bread - a glass of fresh orange juice, milk or soft drink

Package 3 : (price per person: 1 daypart € 35.00 / 2 dayparts € 40.00)
•Unlimited coffee, tea and carafes water
•Pastries and cookies
•Brasserie menu: soup of your choice- main course fish or meat- coffee

Of course it is also possible to choose from our lunch of dinner menu. For all prices please have a look to our menu on the website.


•Beamer:                       € 25.00 per day
•Projection screen:        Free
•Flipchart:                     € 12.50 per day
•Wireless internet:        Free

Optional addings:

•Bottles of sparkling or flat water (0,75L)   € 4.50
•''Brabantse'' sausagesroll                         € 3.50
•Muffins                                                      € 3.00
•Slice of cake                                              € 1,75
•For any other addings like fresh fruit, cakes etc. Of course it is possible to arrange it for you.